Welcome Students and Parents!

College is an experiment. We take time, money, a rich learning environment, academic experts, and young people with (sometimes without) solid dreams for their future, and expect, in four short years, to set them on a life’s path. We send them packing, sometimes to another country even, and expect them to succeed.

How do you define success in college?

  • a high GPA?
  • experience in leadership positions?
  • forging lifelong relationships?
  • marketable job skills?
  • graduation?

How do you get there?

The new college student faces many challenges beyond simply mastering the course material. Right from the beginning, college students are asked to:

  • determine what career path to follow.
  • adapt to a learning environment that is radically different from high school or work.
  • learn the skills necessary to succeed — skills which are not usually taught in a classroom.

How do you ensure that students make a successful transition to the college environment and make clear strides toward their goals? That’s where I come in. I help students get the most out of college — how to make college really pay off. College is like a laboratory of life. I help students learn how to be scientists in that laboratory.

How do I do this, you ask? An assumption many people, in particular new college students, make is that college is just like high school but with no parental supervision. I start by debunking that assumption, showing freshmen the richness of their new environment and all the resources available to them. I impress upon them the need to get started right away instead of waiting until the last year or two.

Sophomores and Juniors get a slightly different approach. By this time they have been there long enough to know the lay of the land, and now need to concentrate on figuring out more specifically what they want to do post-graduation. On the personal side, we look at how to narrow their career goals in order to focus their college activities.

On the professional side we work on skills that will serve them well in the business world, whichever one they pick, such as networking and time management. Senior year is the time for wrapping up college activities and exploring how to get the perfect post-graduation job. Students take a full assessment of their skills, their network, and the most logical entry level positions. Some students might be looking to start their own businesses. Others may be looking to start climbing the corporate ladder. All students will be looking to start in the best position possible.

A college education entails a huge investment of time and money. Whether you are a student who is interested in student coaching as a way to succeed without wasted effort, or a parent who wants to be sure that your child knows how to make college count, student coaching is the solution. This site is a resource to find and supplement that relationship.